Equity & Culture

The Tenex team holds the resolute belief that organizations comprised of individuals who “think like an owner” will outperform their competition in the long term. For this reason, Tenex provides a carried interest allocation to every single team member at the firm. Tenex also seeks to allocate equity ownership and equity options across the companies and teams in which we invest and do so beyond just the C-suite.

Diversity & Inclusion

Tenex believes in a diverse and inclusive work environment. Tenex embraces a diverse workforce and culture, not just for the moral imperative, but because we recognize the value of diversity throughout an organization in order to gain the perspectives of all people with varied backgrounds, genders, ages, abilities and sexualities.

Tenex will encourage behavior that supports an inclusive, respectful and safe working environment at the Firm and Tenex Portfolio Company level. We strive to create organizations to have a culture of inclusion where all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly, and have an opportunity to excel.

Tenex does not tolerate any discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual identity or any other form of identity – from our employees, portfolio companies and all constituents.