Why did we name our firm “Tenex?”

Tenex is a firm that was founded by engineers and business operators. Our name reflects our training in the fundamental engineering principles of operating efficiency.

The Tenex Effect

Operational Change

Operational change that fundamentally alters the trajectory of a business, creating an inflection point in the company’s performance.


Hybrid operators and investors

Hybrid model of operators and investors to execute value creation

15+ years of senior leadership working together

Senior leadership have worked together 15+ years with reputation as straight shooters with high integrity


Operational expertise in lean, systems, and strategic growth from GE and McKinsey

Strong Alignment

Strong alignment with GP commitment and broadly distributed economics


Partner with families and management teams
Who often seek alignment, care about the family legacy, and for whom price is not the deciding factor
Majority equity investment, providing the option for significant seller equity roll


Fund I (2011)
Fund II (2016)
Fund III (2020)